How to Name Your Gutter Business

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gutter cleaning business names

Naming your business is an essential part of marketing yourself. There is more to it, such as branding, but choosing a suitable name is what will anchor your business and sear it in the minds of your clientele. That already tells you marketing is all about standing out and making sure your clients remember at least something about your business; if it’s a witty or impressive name, so be it.

All of it has to do with how people absorb and retain information, which is an absolutely fascinating field.

Understand how people absorb and retain information

The human mind is a sucker for novelty. Anything that we’ve never heard or seen before is what draws us in and inspires curiosity. Children are the ones that express the most curiosity, which most often gets attenuated in adulthood. Still, some adults do retain a certain level of naivete and curiosity.

On the other hand, adults are more inclined towards familiarity, and they enjoy what they’ve seen or heard before more than anything novel. While children love engrossing themselves in information and studying it to the tiniest detail, adults like short, broad overviews and scannable information. So, how do you square that circle?

The answer is providing your clients, no matter who they are or what you’re selling, information or marketing that is equal parts novel and equal parts familiar. In other words, you take inspiration from what others are already doing successfully and put your own twist on it. If you’re not happy with the result, you can repeat the process until you’ve sufficiently risen above the crowd.

Even if your name doesn’t end up working, any insights you get from the process are universally applicable in online and offline marketing. You will also get a feel for the market and get in touch with marketing experts catering to various niches.

Choose your twist on the common formula

Your twist doesn’t have to be special, as long as it’s unique enough that it sets you apart from your competition. For example, you can use puns, and if they’re childish, it might be even better. Make things scannable but also add in details that reward those who look closely. Misspelling a commonly used word related to guttering could work too. If your business name becomes a verb that’s synonymous with gutter-related activities, you’ve made it.

If your creativity fails you, try using one of specialized online platforms that will help you pick a business name. These are:

gutter cleaning business names — where you can start a contest and let participants submit their ideas or you can view available names for sale and just buy one. Higher SquadHelp pricing tiers include seasoned creatives and an attorney that can research the trademark behind the name. — a platform with a la carte marketing services, where you can get a name for as low as $499, but also get comprehensive branding from specialists. You get insights and perspective on your brand, creating the kind of marketing you can afford that will keep you proud for years to come. — whether you have modest dreams or             ambitious visions, this design consultation will help you create everything from a name to graphic, logo and web design. You are guaranteed your money back if you don’t get at least 100 usable        designs. For an additional fee, you can get the results within 7 days. — this one is for naming only, working similar to SquadHelp. After submitting a contest, the namers submit their ideas the website ranks and you pick a winner. Contests come in three tiers, priced at $200/$400/$600 and netting you    300/600/1,000 names.

Choose your brand direction

Branding is how you create marketing that is uniquely yours and leave a lasting mark on the world. From the very start of your business idea, you should figure out the kind of brand you want to create. This will reflect across all levels of your business and become how people see and experience working with your business.

The more precisely you can define what you want your brand to be, the easier it will be for you to grow. Conversely, skipping this step means you’ll have trouble later on. Most multinational companies end up simplifying their branding, logos in particular, to make themselves more appealing to the consumers.

Start by answering some of these questions:

     What colors or color combinations fit your idea of a gutter cleaning business? Why?

     What shapes express what your business is about? Think in terms of simple shapes a child could draw in 3 seconds.

     What fonts do you want to use? Heavy fonts exude domination and light ones might come off as too airy and unreliable.

     How would you describe your business philosophy in one    sentence? Your brand and your business name should encapsulate your business philosophy.

How to name gutter cleaning businesses

Gutter cleaning businesses are involved in dirty but essential work. Nobody likes or wants to clean gutters, yet someone has to do it and everyone benefits from the work done. Clean gutters mean a sturdier roof and eliminate the chance of a catastrophe.

If you have a gimmick you use during gutter cleaning, definitely explore naming your business in accordance with that. However, avoid using your own or your family name or your clients will expect to always work with the person whose name is in the business name. Also, you’ll have trouble if you decide to sell your business later on for the same reason.

How to name gutter guard businesses

Gutter guard businesses synergize with gutter cleaning businesses and their name should reflect that. Pick a name that’s easy to pronounce, type out and remember. The image of the gutter guard could be used in the branding, which would set the client expectations right from the start.

How to name gutter installation businesses

Gutter installation businesses synergize with gutter guard and gutter cleaning businesses. However, their work is part simple maintenance and part creative metalworking. Any names that reflect the dual nature of gutter installation are a good start.

Final Thoughts on Naming Your Gutter Business

Picking a gutter cleaning business name is by no means easy, but you shouldn’t be making it exceedingly hard. Check out what others are doing in the field, give your own unique twist to it and get in touch with marketing professionals. Plan ahead, build your brand from the get-go and you’ll surely be given plenty of gutters to clean.

Gutter Cleaning Business Names

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